Monday, January 30, 2006

The Hunt for the Skinwalker in Utah

Recently, award-winning Las Vegas journalist George Knapp and Dr Colm Kelleher, formerly of Robert Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) were guests on Coast to Coast AM, interviewed about their new book, "The Hunt for the Skinwalker." The book was written after their extensive investigation into the extremely bizarre happenings on a ranch in Northeastern Utah. Bigfoot, UFOs, invisible entities, giant wolves, animal mutilations -- this case has it all.

The Utah case reminded me of Timothy Good's Colorado ranch case (see "Alien Liasons"). Similar phenomena were reported at the Colorado site that shares a geologic border with Utah.

Knapp suggested that perhaps there is some kind of interdimensional portal, a "window" if you will between dimensions that allows entities access into our world. I think the same may be true of the Kelly case. Though the Kelly incident offered much less phenomena as compared with the others mentioned, the arrival of the entities seems to follow a similar pattern.

Though Edgar Cayce stated plainly that there was an interdimensional portal in one of his readings, the idea of an interdimensional window is still a theory today. But quantum physicists would likely support the idea as they have offered us a new look at our world with their interdimensional String Theories and Worm Hole Time Travel hypotheses. It may be a theory, but it's a good one -- one that seems to fit the facts.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Edgar Cayce on ETs

The historical term "flying saucers" was not much in use before 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold described to a reporter the nine UFOs that he witnessed flying in formation over Washington state. And yet years earlier, people were considering the possibility of alien life. We know this is true because some of them asked famed psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) about it during his trance sessions when he gave past life readings to individuals. And his answers were astonishing.

In 1925, Cayce was asked directly whether or not any planet in our solar system other than Earth was inhabited by human beings or animal life of any kind. Consciously, Edgar Cayce could not have answered the question. But while in trance, Cayce responded: "No. Only upon the earth planet, at present, do we find man as flesh and blood…."

Note that he did not deny the possibility outright. By including the qualifier, "at present," Cayce implied that human and/or animal life had existed on some planet at some point in the past. (Mars perhaps?) Other statements that he made on this subject more clearly addressed the question.

For example in 1938, he revealed to one man that the man had lived a previous life in Atlantis and had been "the keeper of the portals as well as the messages that were received from the visitation of those from the outer spheres." In many instances, Cayce referred to Atlantis as fact, not fable. And in this life reading, Cayce plainly stated that at the time in question, aliens existed in the "outer spheres," that they had visited earth, and that they had communicated with the Mayans through "portals."

In another life reading, Cayce added even more to the claim.

A woman who requested a life reading from Cayce discovered that she had been a Mayan Priestess living in Yucatan in the past with "those that were visited from other worlds or planets." Again, Cayce clearly stated that the Mayan culture was visited by Extraterrestrials. Adding to his stunning pronouncements, Cayce informed the woman that she had been one who "journeyed with those from her own abode," back to the alien world. So not only did the aliens visit the Mayan culture, but they transported some of them back to the alien world in presumably some kind of cross-culture arrangement.

During Cayce’s lifetime, he produced more than 14,000 life readings that are now archived at The Association of Research and Enlightenment, the information center that he founded in Virginia ( Though only a few of the readings pertain to alien life, what Edgar Cayce did say about the reality of Extraterrestrials adds credence to the theory of ancient astronauts. The readings only give us a glimpse of the alien-human relationship of the far distant past, but the information adds yet another piece to the alien jigsaw puzzle that we continue to try and understand. ***

Sunday, January 16, 2005

A UFO-Related Homicide?

In my book, THE KELLY INCIDENT, I proposed two very different kind of motivators that might explain the many alien encounters that have been reported on planet Earth. In the first, one of my main characters discovers a lifelong experience with aliens. The alien agenda in this case is to train a human to be an “ambassador” who will serve as mediator between their species and ours to advance our evolution.

The second alien agenda is not nearly as benign. In the plot, I suggest that of the many alien species that currently visit Earth, not all of them have humanity’s best interests at heart. As reports indicate, some alien visitors are hostile to us, and a new case has come to light that may be a UFO-related homicide.

The case took place in Brazil in September 1988. According to the facts, the police report and accompanying photos were put into a kind of “X-file” because the report could not be explained. The case was reported recently by G. Cope Schellhorn in the International UFO Magazine. Schellhorn and Brazilian UFOlogist A. J. Gevaerd investigated the case personally. Photographs and an autopsy report of the victim were provided. The results may indicate that the victim had been mutilated in ways similar to what we have come to know as “animal mutilations” by alien perpetrators.

We now have years and years of substantial evidence that show a troubling pattern of animal mutilation cases where the animal is subjected to bizarre organ removal by the use of highly-advanced laser technology that apparently does not now exist on our planet. There are particular traits of these cases that are now well-known in the literature:

*certain organs are removed
*body parts are excised with a precision currently unknown
*there is little or no blood at the scene
*there are no footprints at the scene
*there is no sign of animal predation
*there is no putrefaction of the body

All of these characteristics of animal mutilations were present in the Brazil case.

While 2004 was rife with UFO eyewitness reports of metallic-like spheres, black triangles, and the more typical saucer-like craft, it appears that the investigation of reports in 2005 might yet delve deeper into the alien-UFO mystery. At present, there is no consensus for why any alien species visit Earth. However, case files clearly show that not all alien encounters are benign and that fact should serve as a warning to us all.

So, what should we do? We should make no assumptions regarding any UFO or alien encounter, and use every precaution at our disposal. Like a child wandering into the forest for the first time, we must learn to distinguish between those encounters that are for our benefit, and those that aren’t. ***

Saturday, January 01, 2005

UFOs in 2004: A Retrospective

Two thousand four was an interesting year for UFOs.

In the spring, an Iranian man living in Connecticut caught a metallic-looking sphere on video tape. Some weeks later, a man in Venice Beach, California caught virtually the same thing on his video. In between these two very important reports, I accidentally caught a metallic-looking sphere on my digital camera. The sphere was not visible in the sky at the time I took the shot. But when I downloaded the images on my computer, there it was, a stationary grayish orb in an otherwise cloudless blue sky.

More UFOs were captured on film and video in many countries around the world like China, India, and Venezuala as the months rolled by. Some of these images were more abstract, appearing amoeba-like. But the variations in the shape of UFOs in 2004 did help to inspire my new theory:

If a number of people capture UFO images over a specific period of time, perhaps they are capturing the same UFO in different stages of metamorphosis – a process which may be necessary in order for them to enter and exit our reality.

By summer of 2004, an extraordinary story broke in the news. An official Mexican aircraft reconnoitering for drug smugglers captured the image of 11 orbs on its highly-sensitive forward-looking infra-red system (FLIR). The orbs were not visible in the sky, but they clearly showed up on their equipment and seemed to be tracking the jet. Baffled by the event, the Mexican authorities released the information to the public. The case remains a mystery.

Summer also brought a surprising announcement. On the website of the wildly popular radio talk show, COAST TO COAST AM, the webmaster asked that listeners not send in any more "UFO orb photos" for him to post on the site. It’s the first time in nearly 15 years that I’ve seen anyone in the field of Ufology turn away evidence. This tells me that so many images have been captured on film and video, they are no longer useful in understanding the phenomenon. With more than 50 years of accumulated UFOlogical evidence, now our task is to analyze the data and find out what they are.

Two thousand four will be remembered in Ufology for two more important events.

Sadly, we lost two invaluable members in Ufology – astronaut Gordon Cooper, who had a personal sighting of UFOs before he entered NASA’s space program, and Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack whose work with abductees brought us closer to understanding the deeper meaning of these events. They will be missed.

Finally, at year’s end, Ufology took a turn in an unexpected direction. Spain has become the first country to offer a college course in UFOs. The course director explains: "There is something happening out there and we don’t know what it is. The graduates (of the course) will learn how to use scientific tools to investigate phenomena and specific methods of investigation."

In the field of Ufology, things are most definitely looking up. ***

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Circumstantial Evidence and the Reality of UFOs

A few months ago, George Noory, host of the radio talk show "Coast to Coast AM" held a debate between Ufologist/physicist Stanton Friedman and Seth Shostak, director of the government-funded program, SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Well into the debate, Seth posed an "If-Then Proposition" which is a method used in logic to determine the validity of an argument.

Seth asked Stanton, IF there are such things as UFOs, THEN why do we not have a spaceship to analyze in the laboratory?

Seth's argument was that IF there is no spaceship, THEN there is no UFO reality.

Seth's argument of course is invalid and therefore illogical. But then so are many of the arguments of the naysayers who deny the existence of UFOs. But the argument against UFOs is flawed in another way -- the naysayers don't take the overwhelming amount of CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE into consideration.

Circumstantial evidence? What good is that?

Circumstantial evidence is good enough to be used by science to discover new planets in the universe. The actual planet is never found; rather science locates celestial objects that have "perturbations" -- distortions from the magnetic pull of the new planet. Somehow this kind of circumstantial evidence works amazingly well when science wants it to work.

Circumstantial evidence is also a powerful indicator in justice. The most recent example is the Scott Peterson case. Peterson was recently convicted of killing his wife and his unborn son though there was no actual evidence discovered to link him with the crime. So why was he charged with first- and second-degree murder? Circumstantial evidence. The jury used "meta-logic" to look at the larger picture painted by the circumstantial evidence and from that, they decreed that Peterson was the perpetrator of that heinous crime.

A convincing argument supporting the use of circumstantial evidence was recently made in a column by political pundit and attorney Ann Coulter. Her column was an essay on the use of circumstantial evidence as it relates to a murder case, but the arguments that she uses can support the reality of UFOs, as well. (I've added UFO references in parentheses so that the reader can see how Ann's arguments can also be applied to UFOs.)

In the December 21, 2004 column, Ann Coulter wrote:

"In a murder case, all evidence of guilt other than eyewitness testimony is 'circumstantial.' Inasmuch as most murders (or most UFO sightings) do not occur at Grand Central Terminal during rush hour, it is not an uncommon occurrence to have murder convictions (or the acknowledgement of a true UFO event) based entirely on circumstantial evidence. DNA evidence is 'circumstantial evidence.' Fingerprints are 'circumstantial evidence.' An eyewitness account of the perpetrator fleeing the scene of a stabbing with a bloody knife is 'circumstantial evidence.' Please stop referring to 'circumstantial evidence' as if it doesn't count."

UFOs also produce circumstantial evidence in radar anomalies, atmospheric and environmental changes, physical evidence -- and thousands upon thousands of eyewitness reports from people in every strata of society, including astronauts (like the late Gordon Cooper) and pilots who are trained to know the difference between the planet Venus and an unidentified flying object.

Circumstantial evidence does count; it is important. UFOs exist and the substantial amount of circumstantial evidence proves it. ***

Friday, November 26, 2004

A Word to the Wise Will Suffice -- I Hope

It's been a great year for UFO sightings. Since the beginning of 2004, I must have checked out 5 or 6 major UFOs spotted around the world in countries like Mexico, India, and even in Iran! The Iranian sighting was compelling because the man was able to record it on video. There have also been major sightings in the USA.

The reports that most concern me at the end of this amazing year are the Indian sightings where some of the Indians, reporting for UFO magazines, are claiming that first contact with aliens is imminent. It's been reported by Indian correspondents that some kind of structure is being built in the Himalaya Mountains by the aliens and, we assume, for the aliens. The Indian correspondents have rumored that the aliens are from Sirius and that they intend to reveal themselves to six countries in the world by 2012.

It's an amazing revelation. Not because I think there's any truth to it, but because Ufology is rife with stories just like this:

aliens encounter humans
aliens claim they are from planet x
aliens predict the future
predictions rarely materialize

The problem is the alien predictions almost never come true and there will likely *never* be anyway to validate whether any alien is from any planet anywhere in the universe. In other words, some aliens lie.

Another problem that concerns me is that some aliens are also dangerous. Whether they mean to hurt humans and animals or not, it is completely illogical to assume that any UFO or alien is harmless. Quite the opposite. Again, there are numerous reports in UFO literature that clearly show harm to humans whether it is because of radiation burns or something even more sinister.

The point I would like to make is this: Use caution in exploring or investigating UFOs. These things are "unknowns" in the deepest meaning of that word. It behooves all investigators, professional or amateur, to treat these unknowns with great caution. It is not worth your life to be too hasty. Use an intelligent, rational approach in your investigation.

The longer you live to investigate UFOs, the more time you will have to understand them. ***

Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Kelly Incident of 1955

My novelization of the original Kelly-Hopkinsville alien encounter of 1955 was published in August 2004. Why did I write the story in the first place? For a couple of reasons.

One, I grew up in that area so I had lots of experience with the people and their attitudes. So I knew that the story was true. No one in that area would make up a story like this for any reason. The social pressures even now are just too great and the price they would have to pay in ridicule and ostracism is just too high.

Two, people all over the world and all through history have experienced similar mysteries, though the particular aliens involved in the Kelly story are unique. I wanted to bring the Kelly story to life. I wanted readers to feel what the Suttons and Taylor must have gone through to experience such a terrifying ordeal. I also wanted to include a number of other historical UFO accounts. Finally, I wanted to take the story in a new direction with a fictional plot by having the investigators experience some of the same phenomena. Also I wanted to include some of my pet theories and make the whole story a kind of UFO primer so the reader can quickly be brought up to speed with a brief history of phenomena.

Three, there has been no explanation for the Kelly encounter from the authorities. It continues to be an unsolved mystery. By bringing it back into public awareness, the story can be considered with a fresh approach. Perhaps a reader will come up with a completely new idea about what it was that invaded the Sutton farm 49 years ago.

The book is published by Gate Way Publishers and is available at


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